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Our Fearless Founder

Meet Lauren

Since I was 10 years old, I was categorized as plus size. I’ve been interested in fashion just as long.

But it wasn’t until I started blogging in 2007 that I began connecting with so many other women who shared my story — women who loved fashion, but felt they couldn’t participate. Who understood what it meant to live as a plus size person, and wanted something better.

That’s how Part & Parcel was born.

From the start, I knew I wanted to empower the plus size community, not just sell things. To build a world where opportunity abounds, with clothes and products we can be proud of, and a community that supports each other. A world that brings us joy.

It’s why I started this. And I’m so excited to see where we go together.

Lauren Jonas

CEO & Founder

How Part & Parcel Works

A community that thrives together. Plus to plus.


Meet someone who gets you. Find clothes you love.

Online or with a Partner.

Partners meet you where you're at to help you find clothes you can feel great in.

They’ll help you determine your Dimensional Design™ and are always there for a more personalized shopping experience with someone who understands.



Help plus size women find great style. Earn money doing it.

Earn a living. Flexibly.

You’ll never have to buy inventory — just wear what you love, share and promote it your own way, and earn money when other plus size women buy through you.

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Part & Parcel is a growing community of plus size women, earning money on their own terms, and building a world that’s just for us.